Mercedes Benz CLS350 Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Change during Car Servicing in Singapore

Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) Car Servicing
Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) Car Servicing
Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) Car Servicing
Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) Car Servicing
Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) Car Servicing


Items being changed in a Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) change during car servicing


- ATF Filter

- Gearbox Gasket


How often do we need to change the Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) during car servicing?

Most cars are being recommended to change the ATF every 40,000 KM


Why do we need to change the Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) during car servicing?

Just like your engine oil, ATF gets 'dirty' after a period of time. Not changing the ATF regularly or not changing the filter might affect the transmission system operation.


Some of the symtoms include:

-Gears cannot engage

-Transmission change delayed

-Cannot engage reverse gear

-Shift lever difficult to move


It is recommended to check your transmission fluid twice a year to ensure that there is sufficient amount of ATF. Having a low amount or no ATF in the transmission system is very risky and dangerous. Low level of ATF might be caused by leakage from sippage of ATF through the gearbox oil seal or gasket.

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