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Collaboration between:
Grab X Castrol X Precise Auto Service


-4 Liters Engine Oil
-Oil Filter
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How to receive $40 from GRAB?

  1. Service your car with Castrol EDGE Titanium
  2. Sign up a GRABHITCH account
  3. Begin your ride sharing experience
  4. Receive $40 + ride sharing fares from GRAB


GrabHitch is a social ride-sharing service that matches drivers and passengers travelling along the same route at the same time.

  1. Drivers and passengers input their routes into the Grab app
  2. The app matches passengers to the drivers, who will then be able to choose whether
    to pick him/her up
  3. After the ride is completed, passengers pay a fare (~50% of a taxi ride) to the driver
    through GrabPay

Useful Info:
Main Website -
Driver + Passenger FAQ -

Driver sign up process

Basic Requirements

  1. Driver must be at least 21 years of age
  2. Driver must possess Class 3/3A license
  3. Driver must have driven for more than 1 year (ie. no probational licenses)
  4. Vehicle must be passenger vehicle
    a. Passenger Vans are allowed, but Goods Vans are not
    Sign Up Process
  5. Install / Launch Grab App
  6. Swipe to GrabHitch service (3rd one from left)
  7. Tap blue DRIVE button in top right corner
  8. Agree to connect Facebook to Grab App
  9. Upload 3 photos - Driving License Front + Driving License Back + Selfie
  10. Upload 4th photo of Vehicle number plate and front/back view of vehicle
  11. Enter vehicle model / number plate details
  12. Enter referral code given by workshop supervisor
    a. Each workshop in scheme will get their own unique code 9. Read Terms & Agreements and then click submit

Frequently Asked Questions

● Is GrabHitch legal?
○ Yes! GrabHitch is in complete accordance with the Road Traffic Act enacted by Singapore LTA in March 2015.

● What is the difference between GrabHitch and GrabCar?
○ GrabCar is a for-profit commercial platform for drivers to pick up passengers who are unable / may not want to take taxis, while GrabHitch is a social ridesharing platform which any private car driver can sign up for and use to start providing rides.

● Do I apply the same way that GrabCar drivers do?
○ No! People who want to be GrabCar drivers have to register a business, transfer ownership of their car, purchase commercial auto insurance and sign up in person at the Grab Sin Ming office. For GrabHitch, all you have to do is use your Grab App to apply.

● Is there a limit to the trips I can do a day?
○ Drivers are allowed to provide up to 2 rides a day as per LTA regulations.

● How much money can I get for driving on GrabHitch?
○ GrabHitch drivers receive 100% fare earnings on our platform (we take 0% commission) and earn between $8-$12 on average for most trips within Singapore.

● Who calculates the passenger fares?
○ Grab calculates passenger fares based on distance, fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs.

● How about ERP charges?
○ ERP fares are not calculated into passenger fares.

● How will the passenger pay me?
○ Our platform allows both GrabPay (credit card) and Cash, but you select which passenger (and their preferred payment type) to pick up on your ride.

● How do I get my money?
○ To retrieve your earnings, all you have to do is provide your personal bank account details to our team and request for a cash out through the app.

● How many passengers can I pick up on 1 ride?
○ The number of passengers you pick up depends on the booking made by the passenger - passengers will declare if they have additional parties with them. If you do not have enough space, you can choose not to confirm that booking.

● Can I limit the number of seats offered to passengers?
○ Yes you can! As you create a route, you have the option to declare how many seats you are making available for your trip.

● If I get multiple passengers on 1 booking, do I get paid per passenger?
○ No you do not. You will only be paid PER booking, not per person.

● Can I use GrabHitch as a passenger even after I sign up as a driver?
○ Of course! Both driver and passengers use the same Grab app to create Driver routes or Passenger bookings. There is no expiry on your driver validation.