Have a Presence of Mind: Things to Do After a Traffic Collision

We are all susceptible to make bad decisions in our life that we definitely regret after. Whether its intended or unintentional it will serve as a test of character and make us learn from them.

                A simple left turn to a busy street while sending a tweet could cause harm to you and others around. Doing something widely irresponsible can be appealing to some, but it can cause serious consequences. If nothing bad happens, you're lucky, but what if your fortune ran out? Or maybe you are in a busy street minding your own business when suddenly someone sending a tweet hits you.

               When everything happens so fast, you don't have enough time to react. Being in a dire situation, a person should have a presence of mind even though shock is still kicking in. So what should you do when this happen? These are things to do when you got involved in a traffic collision.

Stay Calm, Stay There

                As you try to gather yourself, never try to leave the scene of the accident. Driving away could cause more consequences to you and the others involved. No matter how minor or serious the accident was, it is always important to be calm and evaluate the surroundings. That way you will be prepared to handle the situation. 

 Make Sure Everyone is Safe

                As part staying calm and not leaving the scene, check if you have injuries and ask the people involved if they need medical attention. It is very important especially for the people whose hurt to hear a calm and attentive voice that's in control ofthe situation. But if everyone and including you are seriously injured, try with your utmost effort to call for help.

 Call the Authorities

                Assuming you're not hurt, and after checking on everyone, dial the emergency lines right away. Emergency Ambulance (995) and Police (999). Again, try to gather and calm yourself while waiting for them. When they finally arrived and asked if you're hurt, tell them you are not sure. Mostly when shock is still present, the pain will not manifest yet. Let the paramedics check on you and follow their instructions. When the police arrive, testify clearly, be honest, and do not speculate. Tell them what exactly happened to the best of your ability.

 Take Pictures of the Scene

                You need to obtain images of the accident for record, damage evaluation, insurance claim, and evidence. All of these images will come in handy especially for the insurance agency to determine who is responsible. Whether whose responsible for the accident, these images will fast track investigations, and even court settlements.

 Exchange Information

            Make sure you and others involved exchange contact numbers and insurance information. That way you can get all the necessary information and also help speed up any future settlements. Just remember to be cooperative and cordial. Having all the information like names, addresses, license plate numbers, will be required for insurance claims.

 Gather All Documents

            Collect and organize all necessary files and information. From Images to police reports, everything should be accounted for and make sure to have copies for filling purposes.

 Review and Know Your Rights

            Situations like this can be sometimes volatile, so there's no telling what could possibly progress. It is essential to know your rights and make it known that you understand boundaries set by the law. There might be circumstances that you need to ask for legal help, so assert your rights.

 Call Insurance Company

                Now you have all the necessary documents and details. It is time to call your insurance company. Some insurance companies have tie-ins with car workshops that offer 24 Hour Towing services, so If possible, review your policy and their terms and conditions. Present them copies of the images, documents, police report, and other details about the accident. Car Accident Repair can be a headache so get a property damage valuation. Allot some time to coordinate with them until all the damages has been fixed and everything is resolved.