Mercedes Benz Absorber Air Matic
Mercedes Benz Absorber Air Matic
Mercedes Benz Absorber Air Matic

Customer was complain that the car is feeling very 'hard' when going through bumps and there were sound. 

Absorbers do not only constitute to a better suspension system by providing better comfort. A faulty absorber will eventually lead to other parts of the car being damage at a quicker rate. 

1) Tyres will wear out faster - a faulty absorber will make the car 'sink' to one side. The pressure then builds up on the faulty side and hence the weight of the car is focused on that area resulting in uneven wear on both sides of the tyres. 

2) Shorter lifespan of lower arms and bushing - The absorbers are meant to absorb the shock whenever the car goes through a uneven surface. Faulty absorbers will mean that they lose this function and hence the other parts in the suspension system will be affected and result in faster wear and tear. 

3) Comfort level - The cost of a car in Singapore is not cheap hence the decision to get one would mean that transport is one of the factor when you made the decision to get one. Would you want to travel daily in an uncomfortable vehicle? 

In conclusion, do get your absorbers changed when it is needed. If you do not know how to check for faulty absorbers, seek advice from your workshop. You can also ask them to teach you how to do a absorber test on your car. Trying to save on the cost of the absorbers might lead to even higher costs in future.