How Will Additives Increase Performance & Lifespan of the Engine?

What is engine flush?

A chemical poured into the engine to flush out the sludge that remains. These sludge are preventing your engine oil from reaching certain areas of the engine.

When is engine flushing recommended?

1.     Cars with unknown mainteinance record

2.     Cars with long interval between oil change

3.     Cars with high mileage

Why is there gunk/sludge in the engine?

1.     Not changing engine oil on time (every 10,000km or 6 months)

2.     Doing lots of start and stop driving

3.     Letting your car sit unused for a long time


How is an engine flush done?

Benefits of engine flushing

What is engine treatment?

The engine treatment additive bond molecularly to the metal surface inside the engine to form a protective strong micro-film layer. Especially on moving parts such as the piston and bearings.

How is an engine treatment done?

Engine treatment is added into the engine together with the engine oil

Benefits of engine treatment

What is fuel system treatment?

A chemical poured into the fuel tank to allow cleansing of the fuel system. Areas such as the fuel injector, valves and piston head will accumulate carbon from the combustion process. This treatment is to eliminate carbon from these areas.


How is fuel system treatment being done?

It will be mixed together with fuel in the tank

Benefits of fuel system treatment

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