What is the main function of engine oil?

1.   Reduce friction from metal surface in engine

2.   Transfers heat away

3.   Cleans nasty by-products of combustion

4.   Provide better compression by filling up gaps between cylinder and piston rings


What is fully synthetic oil?


What is engine oil made up of?

Base oil makes up 70% - 85% while additives make up 15% - 25% of the engine oil. Base oil determines the fundamental properties of the engine oil while additives helps to enhance and protect the engine oil.

What are the additives added into engine oil?


Why do you have to change your engine oil on timely intervals?

Chemical compounds in engine oil break down overtime due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures or poor maintenance habits. When the oil oxidizes, additives separate from it and begin to break down and solidify, forming sludge.


What does ‘5W-40’ means?

The number before the ‘W’ is the viscosity of the oil at cold temperature. The lower the number, the thinner the oil and the more suitable it is for a colder climate. In Singapore, we usually ignore the ‘W’ because it is not useful in our climate.

The number after the ‘W’ is the viscosity of the oil at operating temperature. The higher the number, the thicker the oil (higher viscosity) at operating temperatures.

The engine oil must be thin enough to provide enough lubrication for the metal parts and must not be too thick such that the oil pump requires more power to work, affecting the horsepower.

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