Is going to a private car workshop a right choice?

- Lack of technical knowledge and equipment

- Low degree of transparency and inconsistent pricing

- Replace your original parts with OEM versions

- Hard selling to customers or sale without consent 

- Not honoring the warranty offered to customers


- Attend courses every few years to stay competitive / investing in lastest automotive equipments to serve you better

- We quote consistent and reasonable pricing to all of our customers. 

- Honesty is one of the most important factors private workshops need to possess in order to compete in the industry. There are some black sheeps out there so you have to be careful. Keep a lookout who these people are under the 'Complains' section at

- Seek advice from our professionals and we leave the purchasing decision to you. We do not act without your consent. Car mechanics is a technical skill which can only be polished through years of experience. Having said that, many private car workshops might not have the same economies of scale as compared to a dealership workshop. But its the quality that matters when looking for an expert to fix your car.

- We honor our warranty given to you as promised. As mentioned earlier, keep a look out for black sheeps in the industry. For a peace of mind, go to private car workshops that have established themselves in the industry for years.