5 different perceptions of female drivers

1)      Poor parking technique

Have you ever been in a situation whereby there’s only you and the other party on a single lane road and the other party who is in front of you is taking forever to get her car into the parking lot. Example of such places can be in a shopping mall carpark and parallel parking lots by the road side. You, being one of the majority impatient drivers in Singapore, start to honk and swear at the car in front.

“ Walao eh, this driver confirm female la!”


2)      Expressway road hoggers

You are driving at lane 1 on PIE and eventually you had to step on the brake paddle because there is this car driving at 70kmph obstructing you from cruising at your desired speed. You look to the left lane and see that it’s a clear path. You attempted an overtaking action and before you are adjacent to that car, these words came out from you:

“This driver won’t auto abit meh? Lane two clear she hogging the first lane. Confirm female driver la!”


3)      Poor lane discipline

Never signal before changing lanes & turning into the wrong lane when making a right turn. I would say that these bad driving habits can also be found in male drivers. But this was one of the feedback I got from the people around me.


4)      Poor knowledge on cars

You bought your wife a used BMW and after 6 months it is due for servicing.

“Dear, my car need to go for servicing already leh. But hor, I don’t know anything about servicing leh, I scared I go down will kena carrot head. HOW AH?”

Despite buying her a car, you still have to handle the maintenance issue.


5)      Accident prone drivers

Accidents are mainly caused by poor judgment on the road which many believed that it’s possessed by female drivers. Their driving patterns and habits are the root of these accidents.

The write up above is based on information and feedback gathered from male drivers. 

What is your thought on these issues? Share with us today!