6 Reasons Why Car Owners Love Us

1) Pleasant & professional workshop environment

Mechanical work is often associated to a dirty job due to the sludge and engine oil the mechanic have to deal with. However, we keep our workplace neat and tidy to display professionalism. We have also completed an interior overhaul not long ago to provide a better environment for our customers and mechanics. We want to ensure that everything in the workshop, including your car, will be well taken care off. Having a pleasant environment also subtly enhances the morale of the workforce, allowing them to serve you with greater autonomy.   

Car Workshop
Car Workshop

2) In-house audio system

Music allows our body to release endorphin resulting in a happier and more united workforce. We use music to keep our mechanics ‘high’ and energized throughout the day as they have long working hours. Our customers will also be able to connect their music via Bluetooth. On a side note, we would appreciate if you play hyped up songs rather than slow and emotional songs!!!

3) Free Wi-Fi & beverage

We understand that data plans in Singapore is not cheap hence we are providing our customers with free Wi-Fi and beverage while waiting for your vehicle to get fixed.

4) Mechanics with sense of humor

Our mechanics have been working with us for up to 15 years and most of them are lively and outgoing in nature. Words wouldn’t do them justice. Come to us now and you will know what I mean after experiencing it.

Car Repair

5) Honesty, Integrity & Affordability

Honesty is the key for us to stay in the industry for 30 years. We advise and recommend what we think is needed. We do put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and we know that most of our customers want to keep the cost of maintenance low. Not to worry, we do not compromise on quality of work for lower cost.

6) Technical expertise

The founder, Eric Ong, has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Most of the mechanics are also well trained and have up to 15 years of mechanical experience. Eric attends classes and workshops to keep himself updated on the latest automotive technology. His credentials can be view over here.

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